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Egzamin w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum z j?zyka angielskiego A8 - poziom rozszerzony kwiecie? 2012 TRANSKRYPCJA NAGRA? Zadanie 1. Wypowied? 1. Man: My mum cooks pasta every Saturday because I love to eat it! My sister likes pasta, too. She also asks mum to order pizza from time to time but I don't like it. Wypowied? 2. Woman: I like most sweet foods. Chocolate ice cream is my favourite. I could eat ice cream every day! But I never eat sweets or fruit. They are sweet as well but I don't like them. Wypowied? 3. Man: My friends often have pizza for dinner and then some ice cream for dessert, but I'm on a diet so I only eat fruit, for example apples or oranges. I really like them. Wypowied? 4. Woman: My brother and I hate fruit. Of all the things we eat he likes ice cream the most and I love sweets. I always have a few sweets in my lunch box. Zadanie 2. Man: Woman: Man: Woman: What did you do on Saturday? Well, I went to a football match with my brother. And what did you do on Sunday? I met my friend who came back from holidays in Peru. Zadanie 3. Man: Woman: Man: Woman: Man: Do you remember Polly and Dan? Sure I do. I met them in the sports centre yesterday. And how are they doing? Well, they say they have a lot of work. They need to learn for their final exams. Zadanie 4. Woman: Hi, Susan! It's Linda. I'm calling to tell you that there's going to be a Biology test on Monday. I can help you prepare for it. Just call me. Zadanie 5. Man: Woman: Man: Woman: When is the next flight to London? The next plane is in two hours. Great! I'd like two tickets, please. That's ?250, please. ? Egzamin w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum z j?zyka angielskiego A8 - poziom rozszerzony kwiecie? 2012 Zadanie 6. Man: I moved here two years ago and I love it. Living in a village is great. It's quiet and the air is fresh. I wouldn't like to move, even to a small town. My friends who live in big cities would also like to live here. Zadanie 7. Woman: My friends love watching horror films, but I don't. For me they are too scary. I prefer fantasy films. I think they are really interesting. Last time when I was at the cinema I watched a comedy, but it was a waste of time. It wasn't funny at all. ?

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