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Egzamin w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum z j?zyka angielskiego A8 - poziom podstawowy kwiecie? 2012 TRANSKRYPCJA NAGRA? Zadanie 1. Zdanie 1. They are writing. Zdanie 2. This is a snake. Zdanie 3. The boys are playing basketball. Zdanie 4. The woman is walking the dog. Zadanie 2. Tekst 1. Woman: What's the matter? I have terrible toothache. Man: Woman: Open your mouth, please. Tekst 2. Woman: Where would you like to spend your summer holiday? I would like to go to Paris. Man: Woman: Great! We have a special summer offer for a holiday in France. Tekst 3. Woman: Man: Woman: Man: Tekst 4. Man: Woman: Man: Woman: Tekst 5. Woman: Man: Woman: Man: Do you have the tickets? Yes, I do. They are here. Which platform does our train leave from? From platform three. Let's go. Is Mr. Smith in? No, he isn't. He's still at work. I've got a letter for him. It's from India. I will take the letter and give it to him when he comes back, OK? How much are those red roses? They are ten pounds. Lovely. I will take five red roses and five yellow tulips. That's fifteen pounds altogether. Egzamin w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum z j?zyka angielskiego A8 - poziom podstawowy kwiecie? 2012 Zadanie 3. Woman: Most of the girls in my class want to be dancers or teachers when they are older. But when I grow up I want to work as a shop assistant in a big shop with fashionable clothes. I think teacher's work is boring. Zadanie 4. Woman: Ted, do you have any plans for the weekend? Yes, I'm playing football with my friends. Man: Woman: Wouldn't you like to go to the swimming pool with me? Or we could go cycling in the park. Sorry, I can't. I promised my friends that we'd play a big match. Man: Zadanie 5. Woman: Yesterday my friend and I went shopping. My friend bought a warm jacket and a sweater. I found a lovely dress. It was very expensive but I bought it. I'm going to wear it to Frank's party on Saturday. Zadanie 6. Man: Woman: Man: Woman: Man: Here comes our new Biology teacher. Has she got short blonde hair? No, she hasn't. She's got long dark hair. And glasses? Yes, that's her. Zadanie 7. Man: Woman: Man: Woman: And...did you like it? Well, the ending is a surprise, but I think the first pages are boring. Do you remember the chapter about the rock concert? Yes, really funny. They should make it into a film. Zadanie 8. Pytanie 1. Is there a desk in your room? Pytanie 2. What's the matter with you? Pytanie 3. Can I take my cat to school? Pytanie 4. How tall are you? Pytanie 5. What do you think about these jeans?

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